AMI Meters in the News

AMI Meters in the News

AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) meters have recently been the topics of reports from Wichita news stations, primarily regarding Westar's deployment of a meter system.  In those articles, the concerns voiced by the customers of Westar were sent to the KCC (Kansas Corporation Commission), who created dockets on each complaint, then addressed them in two separate filings.  The KCC regulates all Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) in the state, so complaints against Westar (as well as Kansas City Power and Light) fall under their purview, and after review by staff members of the KCC, Staff Report And Recommendations are filed.  The KCC has the final say on how rules, rates, and regulations are adopted and put into practice with an IOU, and these filings are what the staff recommends after doing research regarding the issue.  You can find the links to the reports below, along with supporting documentation and research for each one.

Western Cooperative, as well as the other coops in Kansas, are deregulated (after votes from members to do so), meaning our regulatory body is our member-elected board of trustees.  The board elected to replace all of our meter infrastructure with new AMI meters.  Since there is no benefit in this system to maintain old mechanical and digital meters, they decided that ALL meters will be replaced, without an option to "opt-out".  We have chosen a system that is safe, secure, accurate and reliable, and has the infrastructure already built in (we won't have to add backbone equipment later) for control and monitoring of substations and other devices on the system that help us deliver clean and reliable power to our members, as well as efficiently restore power in storms and other outages.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office at 1-800-456-6720.

Report Regarding Health Effects from RF and Personally Identifiable Information filed January 15, 2016

Report Regarding Fire Dangers and Cyber-Security Threats filed September 23, 2016